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GARS/ Kamp: THE MAGIC FLUTE. Of Insiders and Outdoorsmen. Premiere

...a young orchestra of the Oper Burg Gars under the title "Klangvereinigung Wien" provides an equally ambitious foundation as the choir of the Oper Burg Gars (choir master Roger Diaz-Cajamarca)... (Source in German)

Oper Gars: Papageno in traditional garb addition to the two aristocratic protagonists, it was the choir singers, both men and women, who were vocally convincing. Under the conduct of Roger Diaz-Cajamarca, who himself performed the first priest, the voices harmonized perfectly... (Source in German)

HAINBURG/The Stars of Tomorrow

...the young Colombian conductor Roger Díaz-Cajamarca impressed with the "mdw Chamber Orchestra" of the University of Music Vienna both with the Gustav Holst "St. Paul Suite" and with dances from Mozart's pen... (Source in German)

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